NUTEC’14 – Day3 – Closing Ceremony and Awards at NUCES-Peshawar

The AMAZING NUTEC’14 event concludes itself with lots of excitement on it’s day3. Participants, with their untiring passion for winning, were giving their best to come on top but as it is said there is no such thing as a free lunch. So obviously. they had to work hard and act sharp to win.

It all started with EE Quiz Competition in which the cream and intellects of different reputable universities competed among themselves, making it one tough competition for everyone. Their spirits were electrifying!

Then came the Web Development: although the guys were tired and weary, they were still  giving their best for winning and were in no mood to make any compensations what-so-ever, and every team had to do their best.

Next on schedule was Speed Programming. Ah! What can be said when it comes to speed programming. Very quick sharp minds with unparalleled analytic skills doing their best to show their talent, everything could be seen in this event. Mind blowing!

CS Quiz was conducted next. Roaring crowd, passionate teams, minds clouded with intrusions of confusion, it was a sight to behold as we witnessed what CS is actually all about!

E-gaming took its prime shape and the gamers gave up on nothing today to lose. Competition went toe with toe and every game sought its best players. The competition was outstanding! No one could tell till the last minute about who was gonna be the winner till it really ended!

NUTEC14 Day3 Closing Ceremony

Then was Business Case Simulation‘s turn. Far sighted people, with exceptional sense of perception for problem solving, gave this event their best, making it worth seeing! What skills I tell you! Amazing!

Software Projects Exhibition witnessed software enthusiasts in which projects addressing our common problems were exhibited. Amazing solutions to the tricky problems, that’s exactly what we need!

Closing Ceremony, honored by Chief Guest, Head Of Operations (Bank Of Khyber), announced the results of winners after their speech, in which Pakistan renowned universities won ,along with some sleeper hits which included those universities, people tend to joke about ,but the winners totally proved them wrong. Way to go! We should remember that there is no such thing as superior education.. It’s your knowledge that matters! and that’s exactly what was exhibited here.

Theme Dinner marked the fait accompli of NUTEC’14. Every event of NUTEC’14 set a precedent for FAST-NUCES PEW, designed, fashioned and executed in such way that we would LOVE to see more of it next year. NUTEC’15 awaits!

Yes yes, i am sure you all are totally excited to see the winners of these mind blowing events. Well, the winners are shown below:

(Congratulations to all the winners of NUTEC and Well done to those who couldn’t win.. It’s the effort that counts!)

P.S.: This list does not follow any particular order!

Winners List:

Screenshot_1 Screenshot_2


NUTEC14 Day3 Closing Ceremony

NUTEC14 Day3 Closing Ceremony

So, what do you people think? Hasn’t it been a remarkable event? Lot’s of memories made and lot’s of talent was recognized. If you missed it this year, no worries! You can always participate next year. Till then, you can go through our Facebook album and get fascinated by the awesomeness of this event!

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