OpSaveGaza: Anonymous Takes Down 1,000 Israeli Government and Business Websites

A group of hackers, Anon Ghost or Anonymous,  attacked Israeli websites on 7th April 2014. The attack was meant as a revenge towards Israel to illegally occupying Palestine and performing atrocities on the locals. The group has named itself OpIsrael and its members comprised of people from all regions of the world.

Anonymous' Avatar

Anonymous’ Avatar

They showed extreme anger towards Israeli Government stating,

“The further assault on the people of Gaza, who have been flooded by your sewage, terrorized by your military apparatus, and left to die at the border while waiting for medical attention will NOT be tolerated anymore”.

They even encouraged  others to participate in their actions and hack Israeli websites saying

“On April 7, 2014, we call upon our brothers and sisters to hack, deface, hijack, database leak, admin takeover, and DNS terminate the Israeli Cyberspace by any means necessary”.

They even said next time their target will be every Israeli website.  OpIsrael also tweeted that the hackers around the globe are uniting to launch a massive cyber-attack against Israel.

This attack was not the first one, OpIsrael attacked around 700 Israeli Websites in 2012 and had made public, the confidential web addresses and ids of around 5000 Israelis including the government officials. The websites of Israeli Parliament, Ministries were also hacked.

Message on a hacked website

Message on a hacked website

At that time Israeli hackers took revenge by using OpIsrael website for their benefit, posting pro-Israeli and pro-Jews content and anti-Arab/Muslims content on the website.

This time too, the Pro-Israeli hackers striked, by hacking and exposing the involved participants through their webcams. They even shared their facebook/twitter accounts and photos  on the public portals as reported by Israel Channel 2. The Pro-Israeli hackers warned the OpIsrael group by saying,

                                                           “Anonymous, next time do not mess with us.”

Recent Attacks

The cyber war does not end here. The Anonymous has announced, they have had a collective attack on 1000s of Israeli websites yet again. The joined cyber-attack is called OpSaveGaza and was conducted on  11 July and 17 July, in support of the people of Palestine. #OpSaveGaza

Pro-Palestine group's motive

Pro-Palestine group’s motive

Tel Aviv Police Department website is still not restored and the Israeli official websites are replaced by pictures of Palestinian victims. One of the website have a message written in Turkish and it states

“The Jerusalem cause is Muslims’ fight of honour” and says that people who fight for Palestine are “on the side of Allah”.

Message in Turkish, on one of the hacked website

Message in Turkish, on one of the hacked website

With people all over the world banning Israeli goods and campaigning against them and their inhumanities, this act of cyber attack may prove to be yet another blow that can build up pressure on Israel. These Pro-Palestinian hackers are not ready to give up, encouraging everyone to be part of their movement stating,

“Israhell never existed its only Palestine, it’s our home. If you are a Hacker, Activist, a Human Right Organisation then hack israel websites and expose to the world their crimes, show to the world how much blood is on their hands, blood of innocent children and women.”

Will Israel hackers be able to put an end to this audacity, is at the moment, not known.

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