Pakistan All Set For 3G/4G Auction Tomorrow

Well well well… What do we have here?!


Yep, the moment we all have been waiting for is finally here! PTA is all set to conduct 3G/4G auction tomorrow. The auction is set to take place at 10:30 AM sharp.

The mock auction was held yesterday to explain the procedures and rules to the participating Telecom operators. This mock auction was attended by all the qualified cellular operators. Tomorrow, the real auction will take place where the telecom companies will bid for their desired spectrum.

PTA is keeping all kinds of information, about the amount of spectrum and the type of network the operators are going to bid on, secret. The only information we got so far is that a total of 30Mhz in 2100Mhz band while 20Mhz in 1800Mhz band will be auctioned in lots.

All the qualified operators will be taking part in the bid through internet from their head offices. In addition to this, an auction hall is being set up for the members of the auction committee, PTA officials and media representatives to witness the auction process.

Like usual bids, these bids will start from the base price. The bidding interval will be of 45 minutes each after which the bid will expire and the highest bidder will win the race! And in the end, the highest bidder will get an official 3G/4G license and the spectrum so that they can start providing services to their customers.

I am sure you all heard the news where it said that the 3G/4G auction was a disappointment and that it didn’t reach no where near the targeted auction amount.. Well people, that was a rumor! Good news is that the giants of Telecom sector (Mobilink,Telenor, Ufone and Zong) have shown a great interest in getting the 3G/4G licenses to take their services to the next step.

The credit goes to

Prime Minister: Nawaz Sharif, Finance Minister: Ishaq Dar, Telecom Minister: Anusha Rehman, Secretery of IT: Akhlaq Tarar, Head of Telecom Regulator: Dr. Ismail Shah and last but not the least, Mudassar Hussain: an experienced telecom expert.

This would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of this great team. They made sure that this technology comes to Pakistan as soon as possible and that all the process is clean with no hint of corruption!

Now, about the misleading 3G/4G auction reporting…

PTA is thinking of suing Reuters for spreading the misleading false reports regarding the failure of 3G/4G auctions, causing distress and mental torture to PTA officials.

According to PTA, it was a failed attempt to derail the on going auction process. The officials told that they have given Reuters all the facts regarding the process but the misleading material is still on their site, which has caused the news to spread like wild fire causing lots of disappointment all around.

PTA is probably gonna wait for the auction to occur before they file the legal procedure against Reuters, only because there are a number of facts which can’t be made public before auction of spectrum takes place.

So there! you have it! What do you guys think? Who will be the highest bidder? Are you guys excited? Share your feedback with us in comments section below!

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