All Pakistan Tech & Art Fest ‘14


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All Pakistan Tech & Art Fest ’14” is a national event in which competitions of technology, arts and literature are hosted at the university campus along with seminar and workshops for 3-days. ACM chapters from all over Pakistan participate in it. Over 18 competitions and 4 workshops give students a medium to enjoy and showcase their abilities to full extent.

This time our chapter aims at taking this event to an exalted level to facilitate the new generation who is willing to use their talent at peak of their ability. This time we are going to invite more than 100 universities around the country, which will be uniting more than 600 Students.

This is a unique event, being one of its kind, in the history of Computing and Arts in Pakistan!

All Pakistan Teach & Art Fest is undoubtedly becoming a trademark event for Government College University, Lahore. There has been no event like this before in the history of GCU.

Event Dates:

8 April – 10 April 2014

Registration Detail:

Registrations are open at GC University Campus. Online Registrations are also Available on our official Website mentioned below.

Important links and Communication mediums:



Subscription details: type “apta14” and send it to 9900

Here is what “All Pakistan Tech & Art Fest ‘14″ is offering:


Exciting or what? Stay tuned for more!

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