Pakistan’s 3G Packages Comparison

No matter what you say, speed matters. From completing your studies to getting a good job, from driving to your office in the morning to reaching home in the evening-we want everything swift and smooth. With cellphones and internet becoming the intergal parts of our daily lives, it’s no wonder we want speed in them too. Keeping this need for speed, Pakistani Service Providers have come up with the solution of Third Generation for us!

3G Packages Pakistan

3G Service Providers

Third Generation,or 3G, as its commonly called, is the networking standard for high-speed internet in cell phone technology. Its something the world became aware of commercially in 1998 by NTT DoCoMo, Japan. With world benefitting from high speed internet on cellphones for years, Pakistan Mobile Operators couldn’t keep us deprived from 3G and so Mobilink with the subscriber base of 38.3 million becomes the first one, by winning the 3G spectrum auction along with Zong, Telenor and Ufone conducted by PTA, to let us enjoy the lightening speed 3G internet on our mobile devices.

On 6th of May, 2014, Mobilink launched its first ever 3G enabled USB dongle,that let you enjoy high speed internet anywhere.Instead of just five cities mobilink launched the free-trial of 3G in 9 cities of Pakistan. Ufone followed suit by launching it’s 3G services on 23rd May 2014 by offering free trial in 6 major cities. And Telenor launched their 3G services commercially on 30th of May 2014. Warid did not take part in the PTA auction but they have planned to offer 4G LTE, however it will take around 18 months for it to be launched.Zong 3G free-trial is launched only in Lahore and they plan to offer it in Karachi soon. Table below shows what you are expected to pay for using 3G internet pre-paid services on mobile devices.

Following table depicts the comparison of 3G Packages comparison between major telecom service providers so far. Zong still has to announce its packages and Warid is in process for its 4G struggle.

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As promised the services are pretty good and using internet was never being so comforting but unfortunately the services does not cover all the locations. The packages shown above are for Mobilink USB dongle.Comparing the three, Mobilink is alot cheaper than the other two. But ufone covers wider areas of the city than any other networks and also as can be seen they offer different monthly pakages(512Kbps, 1Mbps and 3Mbps) to choose from according to your needs.

Mobilink 3G Packages

Mobilink 3G Packages

For PostPay Telenor users you have wide range of packages to go for from, Rs100(150MB), Rs.200(300MB), Rs.350(600MB), Rs. 600(4000MB) and Rs.1000(8000MB).

Telenor 3G

Telenor 3G


On the other hand Ufone lets you enjoy 2 monthly pakages of 1GB and 3GB. Rs.500(512Kbps) and Rs.800(3Mbps) for 1GB Pakage and Rs.800(512Kbps) and Rs.1200(3Mbps) respectively.

Ufone 3G Packages

Ufone 3G Packages


With so many options to choose from,mobile operators have make it easier for us to switch to 3G and enjoy hassle free internet on mobile devices!

So now you have more reasons to love your cellphones! no?

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