PASHA All Set For LaunchPad 2014

Behold Inventors! The time is just right for you to exhibit your potentials to the world! Now don’t be shy, its time to expose your geniuses, the stage is all set for you in Karachi(24th June), Lahore(25th June), Islamabad(26th June) and we are sure you have already registered for P@SHA LaunchPad 2014. But if you haven’t, sigh, you’re late! Yeah, but it’s alright you can always attend the event and gear yourself for their next year event.

Pasha Launchpad

Gear yourself for P@SHA LaunchPad 2014

If you haven’t heard of them, let us give you tech geeks an overview of P@SHA. Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT and ITES or P@SHA was formed with the aim to support and build Pakistan’s IT industry. Now with 350 companies as their member, P@SHA has managed to build them up, provide them with the means required to establish their companies and introduce them to the right clients and markets.

Previous Event Photo of P@SHA LaunchPad

Previous Event Photo of P@SHA LaunchPad

So about their Launchpad event, P@SHA each year organizes an event to promote those young minds who know how to think out of box and how their intelligence can bring a positive change for the society. The most promising ideas, inventions and start-ups are selected in P@SHA Launchpad and presented to the top notch IT specialists. If your idea/start-up is unique, the very best and can have a good impact on society, you have a chance to win.

Your ideas are important to P@SHA LaunchPad

Your ideas are important to P@SHA LaunchPad

21st June was the deadline for registration at PASHA LaunchPad 2014 Event. Those selected will be notified by 23rd June 2014. And they will be given 10 mins to make their point,5 mins for presenting their innovation and 5 mins where their potentials are examined or tested via question/answer session. Those who win will be awarded Rs.100,000 and also get the opportunity to later present their ideas to other platforms.

The event will be at IBA Main Campus, Lahore College for Women University and Kuch Khas. So if youve missed it this time, keep a reminder to apply for next year, afterall ideas are not to be kept secrets, they pop up in your mind to be followed! And good luck if you have already registered yourself.

Don’t forget to check their website out!

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