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Unless you’re one of those adventurous souls, planning a trip is real pain in neck! Just to have a few days of peace from the hustle bustle of the life, you dry your eyes out searching for the perfect accommodation and reliable tour guide on internet. And what do you get in the end is either a person not familiar with the surroundings or someone who’s Mr-know-it_all.Those dreamy dwellings that you craved become your worst nightmare! But buddy who told you to take chances! Next time when you want to plan your perfect holiday go for’s first online tourism portal launched in February 2013. It provides hotel and holiday booking in 13 cities and 8 summer destinations of Pakistan with the integration of local payment channel.

Tour Planner Pakistan

Tour Planner Pakistan

Why? should you ask. Good question! Well, well, well knows what they are doing! They know your holidays are important to you and they’ll make sure you get what you paid for. Its your one stop shop for all the holiday needs. You can find the information and rating of hotels, room rent and the facilities available within, and flight information as well. So yeah, now you don’t have to waste endless hours searching individual hotels’ and local airline websites( which are rather cranky and always give hard time!).

The website offers several holiday packages. As for example there is Swat, Naran and Kaghan Tour Package. That gives you 2 options to choose from- either you go for Standard Hotel or choose a Deluxe one( understandably there will be slight price differences in them). In Package overview you can learn about the destination you choose, the services included or excluded from the package and how the tour days are distributed. You can even read the reviews of the tourists who chose as their tour planner!



Actually ,why didn’t we know about them before! You get so many hotels to choose from,  get their rating, reviews and select what you find is best for you. All you have to do is fill out a form, write in your destination, date of check in and check out and number of family members! Your work is done, now the hotels that match your preferences will be displayed and you can make your pick. Bingo!!

What’s more? You may want to know, is linked with– do you know what that means? It means you can easily browse and learn about international hotels and famous places of the world. Subscribe on to be informed of their packages and deals and if you travel often this will surely be a relief! And if this is not enough, they have promised to refund you the amount if their packages are not the cheapest in town! Seriously, what more can you wish for. Summer Packages Summer Packages

We think you shouldn’t be sparing the next minute, go to their website and book your flight and hotel now! Have a safe journey, and by the way don’t forget to share your experience of with us.

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