Plan9 Demo Day 2014 – Showcasing Brilliant Ideas & Talent

Plan9 , the premier tech incubator in Pakistan , held its demo day for its latest batch of incubatees. With a lineup boasting of names that have already featured in a variety of competitions and have gained traction across the right audience , Plan9 Demo Day provided both the incubatees to showcase their products and gauge the response from the crowd while the tech savy audience also got a sneak peek inside working of the entrepreneurial facility.

             “Do you wonder what goes on at the incubation facility at Plan9? Do you wish to see and support emerging entrepreneurial talent of Pakistan? Here’s your chance to witness and be a part of all that and more!”


Credits : Plan9 Media Team

Team Blogogist managed to review most of the incubatees who had graduated out of the recent incubation cycle and also got hold of some of the teams that were in the process of incubation.

Below is the list of the startups that featured in Plan9 Demo Day 2014 :

X-Gear :

X gear is a venture into the world of smart automobiles by alumni of CIIT Lahore. This startup has grown by leaps and bounds. The philosophy is simple ; just plug the X gear device into any car and it will provide you the little details that will boost your car life and keep the mileage on the high side. X-Gear boasts of “upto 6k cost savings on engine oil change per annum for a single vehicle.”
Being a project of enterprise level , the scope of X-Gear goes beyond surveillance of a single car. It is ideal for fleet managers who have to keep track of hundreds of vehicles. Fuel efficiency , driving patterns , good driving practices and what not , X-Gear is a must have for those looking to minimize their automobile based headaches.



Appography :

Presenting solution to yet another problem faced by thousands if not millions of mobile based users around the world , Appography presents Vivid. Aimed at reducing traffic queue and the customer waiting time while waiting for an agent to respond , Vivid engages its target audience with visually rich content that will ” the customers to be more precise and focused with their issues.” Customers will send in the description of their problems along with a picture or an audio note before they queue their call.
To quote Bilal Hanif , the man kind enough to give an insight on the algorithm behind Vivid , said ” If we were to create a scenario in which mobile users from Lahore were put on hold by their respective telco providers then they would have to face a whooping amount of 132 years of waiting time before their queries got resolved”. These guys sure have done their homework !
With the array of features expanding to easing auditory pressure for repetition from customers to reducing traffic on call centers and multimedia based instant messaging to chat agents ,this is one app to look out for as it hits the market.


Baby Planet :

Baby planet brands itself as one stop shop for all baby needs. First of its kind, E-commerce venture based on ages 0 to 10 , this startup’s website promises to be a one click solution to all the parenting problems faced by the target group of this startup, ie parents aged between 25 – 35 .
Its inventory brags an arsenal of items that can be purchased from the website. Some of the items that are included in quite a big list are the bibs, blankets, bloomers, rompers to strollers ,walkers, bouncers, learning toys and water sports items just to name a few.
Baby Planet is now offering a variety of features that distinguish it from others in the market among which are free home delivery on orders exceeding 2k PKR , competent customer service that is live 12 hours a day an d competitive business prices with the variety of current products being offered extending to companies like Nestle , Avent . Farlin , Johnson & Johnson.
We think that this initiative deserves a round of applause for making parenting easier , one order at a time.

10550950_548209125290770_4430294342227268601_n :

Team Blogogist had a chance with the man behind the idea of at the Plan9 Demo Day 2014, Faizan Aslam, himself. Possessing an energetic and cheerful personality , Faizan us gave us the whole demo of why he thought Bookme was the the next best thing. Their app on has nice UI and is user friendly. Currently availble on Google Play , the team of Bookme intends to launch its app on  Apple Store as well.
Services offered under the umberella of Bookme ranges from reservation in certain events, ticket reservation on buses and booking of seating for cinemas.

The option of reservation of seats in cinema caters to all movie goers and with their list of cinemas spread across three cities and counting , it also offers occasional discounts on select cinemas. This app has been put to great use already by users of this app.

10407871_597339093707697_7062994786641274899_nIn the transport sector , has managed to seal the deal with Faisal Movers and Skyways and intends to bring Daewoo in the circle as well. Faizan Aslam , CEO told Blogogist that he intends to bring PIA, Pakistan Railways and other major parties on board as well. Way to go guys !

404 Solutions :

An innovative app that targets the daily commuters across the city , Travly allows one to plan point to point travelling and manage travelling costs. 404 solutions has indeed come up with a unique solution to an indigenous problem.


MAGISON – 3D Display :

A novel creation by Magison , a startup currently in the incubation process , has come up with an idea of 3D display in which you can view any object of your interest in 360 degree mode and interact with it. The theme behind the device is to put personalized models of items in display at malls or showrooms so customers can have an idea of the goods at sale . Currently no 3D display holograms and equipment is being produced on demand in Pakistan so this will be a first time for production of such a device right here, in Pakistan. The 3 Co-Founders have just graduated from School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, NUST and we wish these young entrepreneurs all the best for their future.



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We wish all the incubatees , whether current or passed out, the best of luck for their future !

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