Plan9 – TechHub, New Ways for Freelancers

The way of work has changed in recent years, the manner in which work is conducted, how business activities are organized, and the tools and techniques people are using are all drastically different from what they were even five years ago.

Co-working spaces is one great idea for freelancers to interact with their own kind rather than being working as lone freelancers or entrepreneurs. Co-working space provides basic facilities like internet, working desk and chair, electricity etc. There are now three co-working spaces in Pakistan. First one started in July 2013 with the name DotZero in Karachi then came the BasecampPK early this year on 15th Jan 2014 in Peshawar. Now the recent addition is in Lahore called TechHub.

Plan9-TechHub, another splendid initiative by PITB, which is providing state of the art equipment to the local freelancers who can share a specialized work place with other IT experts. And guess what, the work place is FREE for the first 3 months, isn’t it great?


The first cycle of this amazing initiative has already begun and now a technology hub has been created by talented freelancers from all around the country! Right now, the cycle has around 40 freelancers and this is enough to get started.

Here are exclusive photos from the orientation ceremony for the freelancers of Pakistan! (Courtesy: Plan9-TechHub)

Even now the management is looking to take more in-take in order to make the place more productive! If you haven’t registered yet, sign up here now and get a chance to be a part of this cool work place:

Kudos to the Plan9 team and the management, specially Nabeel A. Qadeer who has been managing things really well and contributing towards the positive progress of IT in Pakistan. And of course, who can forget the name of Dr. Umar Saif when it comes to the field of IT in Pakistan. His efforts and consistent hard working opening up ways in Pakistan for the start ups who were no where a few years back. Having a contract with Fadi Bishara (Blackbox Connect) to have 2 start ups from Pakistan each year is a huge evidence how IT is being taken seriously in Pakistan now. Hats off!

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