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Plan9, a name that has turned into a brand within a year, is almost done with its second successful incubation session. It works exactly as it’s tag line says, “Where ideas take flight”.

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Tremendous talent shows up every six months in front of brilliant judges to take up an awesome mentor-ship under the world renowned experts with the world class infrastructure.  Teams come up with an innovative idea that have an element of technology in that. Plan9 is a place where hundred of teams apply, a few get called and even fewer get short-listed to be incubated. It’s insanely awesome, the facilities, the team, the passion, everything is so great.


How it Works? 

Let’s take a look how it all works. From providing basic nourishing environment till the company gets its funding, Plan9 does it all for your start-up! Take a look at how Plan9 simplifies it all for you.

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Entrepreneurial Environment

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Board of Advisor

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Tech Board

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Legal Service




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Pitch Training 



Investment Funding & Finance 

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Success Story

Plan9 made it to Silicon Valley right with their first session.  Eyedeus Labs, now a Plan9 Alumni, was selected to attend the Blackbox Connect Summer 2013 program.

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Other than this talented team who is still working hard to do the wonders, HOMETOWN is a great start-up that focuses on Humans, Shoes and E-commerce. Waqas Ali, founder, says:

I started working of the idea of helping craftsmen in my hometown, and making that a sustainable business. My plan was to build an online shoe store. We named it HOMETOWN, as the company was started from my hometown.


What’s Latest?

Well, Plan9 is in the process of having a few more talented people. Recently multiple teams showed up at Lahore Launchpad and only a few amazing ideas got short-listed. Let’s have a look at the following teams that made to Plan9 this year in the very third session:

1. Bu Bio Tech: Developing prosthetic hand that works on neural network of the human body. The team showed up a live working demonstration using a disabled person which made everyone amazed!

2. OneStep Solutions: Reinventing driving around smartphone to unlock real-time vehicle information.

3. Multiplex Pakistan: Developing online speciality stores. Will this be following the foot steps of HOMETOWN? Let’s see, a few more months!

4. 404 Solutions: Developing a GPS enabled bus tracking system which will help you guys to save your time while you catch up your bus.

5. Act as a bridge between students and universities. The system will make it easier for the students to apply in several universities and will also give universities the facility to easily filter out the right talent on merit basis.

6. Nutrionize: Developing an online directory of doctors. This will improve the medical treatment process.

7. Court Piece: Development of online versions of Pakistan’s traditional social games which will be focusing on the cultural games only. A good way to promote your culture?

8. Pak CNC: CNC Water Jet cutting machine.

9. FANZ Solution: Online ticketing of bus travel to save you from hectic process of booking your tickets.

10. ServeMe: Online service to connect blue-collar workers to clients. Will this be another KamataPakistan? Again, depends on how they take their product to the next level!

You never know, who will make it to Silicon Valley this time! It’s exciting, isn’t it?


Exclusive Coverage

BlogoGist was the exclusive and the only channel who covered Plan9 all these 3 days while all the teams were being going through the stress. Check out all the details on the BlogoGist Facebook official page.

A glimpse how BlogoGist made it excited all the way for the entrepreneurs:

1800 applications, out of which 69 teams were called at Plan9 – PITB’s Tech Incubator! And now… 22 have been chosen for the next stage! What next? Stay connected with BlogoGist to have more updates on your way!

Here are a few shots all the way from the event taken by the BlogoGist team:


Plan9 - BlogoGist

And here are the lucky ones from Lahore!

1004989_440953212683029_1557747499_nNow is the turn for Islamabad and Karachi. Stay tuned to get more lively news exclusively by BlogoGist.

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  1. Ali

    I like your website look and feel, and the stuff that you’re posting here. However, I have a personal view about this specific post. This post targets to briefly clarify about Plan9 inside-out and then it talks about their 3rd incubation cycle. It would have been better if you could separate these 2, in separate posts. There’s so much stuff on the web that people (have to / want to) explore and in the process they like to see precise yet dynamic stuff, longer posts / articles mostly minimize people’s interest.
    No offense but please be careful when you post stuff like “BlogoGist was the exclusive and the only channel who covered Plan9”, you know that’s not true; I can tell you TheAppJuice team was there too.
    Nice post though :)

    • Thanks for the suggestion, we will definitely consider it for our upcoming events. As far as exclusive coverage is concerned, no blog covered the event from day 1 till the last date. That’s where the difference lies. Hope this clarifies why BlogoGist takes the lead. :)

      Thanks again and keep visiting

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