PlanX – The largest Startup Accelerator

PlanX – The largest Startup Accelerator

Founding a start-up is understandably a very tough business. If you want to succeed, you have to be completely dedicated, work as hard as you can and yes, a bit of luck is needed as well. Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of any economy, but they excel and flourish better in the presence of a guiding hand. In 2012, the Punjab Information Technology Board established the nation’s largest technology incubator, Plan9. Plan9 has come forward as the start-up flag-bearer and contributed immensely to fostering the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Pakistan. But incubation is only half the story; the six month program, while exhaustive in its own right, primarily serves to introduce founders to the entrepreneurial landscape and gives them time to work on their products.


Once the product is ready, the road changes from one of engineering and code to that of dollar signs and MOUs – that’s where acceleration comes in. After the success of Plan9, the PITB has now established the country’s largest technology accelerator, PlanX, to provide continuing support to mid-stage start-ups.

Incubation was all about rolling up your sleeves and wiring things together; acceleration is about donning a suit and making the right handshakes. Think of it as an MBA follow-up to an engineering degree – but with more than just grades at stake.

PlanX has been running a top-notch incubator for quite some time now. PlanX combines the experience of working with the best start-ups from across the country and vast network of founders, mentors and investors to create a highly flexible, fast-paced acceleration program. Startups can count on the community for round-the-clock advice on any problems they face. The Board’s continued guidance and expertise ensures that they don’t make the mistakes they did. PlanX connects startups with deep-pocketed investors and will even make you introductions with the people they need to scale up.

PlanX Startups:

With the amazing mentors, all the startups in PlanX are excelling at great pace, we wish them all the best!

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