How to Port Existing Phone Number to Zong in Pakistan

How do we port from any network to Zong ?

A fundamental concept one must be aware of is MNP.

What is MNP ?

MNP , Mobile Number Portability is a facility that can be used if a customer wants to change his/her network from one service provider to another and the users can enjoy with their old phone numbers and services of the newly ported network. Pakistan is the first country in South Asia to have implemented MNP, back in March 2007.

How do I do it ?

1. Go to fill the form as given below:

2. Send an SMS “MNP” without quotes to 667 and after getting response message, send it to 76313.
3. Go to your nearest Zong franchise or retailer shop to change your network to Zong.

We hope this helps all of you out there who are looking to make most of this 3G/4G auction and browsing the net like never before at amazing speed .

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