P@SHA IT Salary Survey 2014

Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT and ITES has recently conducted a IT Salary Survey 2014 to review the salaries and promotions offered to the employees of IT and ITES sector of Pakistan. The result shows an increase of 12.37% in the salaries of IT professionals of the country.


The IT industry of Pakistan have 0.3 million direct and around 0.1 million indirect employees. For the continues growth and advancement of the tech industry, it is significant, that the employees should have regular increments and that they should be provided with the benefits and promotions they deserve. With the demand for the highly skilled IT professionals increasing rapidly, it is necessary for tech sector to regularly revise their packages. To make it easier P@SHA conducts IT Salary survey yearly which helps companies decide accordingly.

Citywise distribution of the companies

Citywise distribution of the companies


This has been the fourth year of P@SHA IT Salary Survey. Around 90 companies and more than 14000 employees, working in 26 different areas of industry took part in the survey. This year’s survey has covered Game Designers, Game Producers, Game Managers, Python Programmers and Data Miners as well.   According to Jehan Ara, the President of P@SHA, “the IT Salary Survey has become a useful tool for the tech community and its stakeholders in and outside Pakistan..P@SHA will continue to conduct the IT Salary Survey every year which will help track year on year patterns and document industry trends.”

The IT survey 2014 shows the C.E.Os on average earn Rs 3,11,079 a month and they are the highest paid individuals. The second highest earners are the Chief Technology Officers who earn around Rs 2,56,250 a month. Senior Game Product Manager is the new entry in this year’s survey who, on average is paid Rs 2,36,666 a month. The least paid employee is Entry Level Administrator who earns Rs. 23,005 a month.

Comparison of highest & lowest salaries of 2013 and 2014

Comparison of highest & lowest salaries of 2013 and 2014

Comparing 2014’s survey with 2013’s , one can notice an increase of 12.37% in salaries altogether. Apart from the salaries, P@SHA IT Salary Survey 2014 also reveals the benefits usually offered to the employees, most common of which are health insurance, bonuses and flexible working hours. The detailed report informs about the average working hours, gender balances and overtimes as well.

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