PTCL and Dailymotion Bringing Exciting Digital Services in Pakistan

Youtube has been banned in Pakistan for quite a while now, and as a result, Pakistani users have had to suffer. But we have some good news for you…

PTCL and DailyMotion together are going to you bring to you, the exciting digital services to eradicate the absence of YouTube!

DailyMotion, which is now the largest online video platform in Pakistan, has joined hands with PTCL by making a special directory ‘’ for Pakistani users to provide better results related to Pakistani videos, hence making the unbanning of YouTube least waited for as YouYube is not localized so DailyMotion has edge over it

CEO and President of PTCL, Walid Irshaid says that his company has been trying its best to provide the best quality services and joining hands with Dailymotion will have a positive effect on the growth of local content industry as Dailymotion would be providing better new opportunities and better monetisation for Pakistan’s content industry.


Ptcl and Dailymotion pairing up

Head of Economic Affairs of French Embassy in Islamabad, Eric Noitakis said that this contract will further make relation between French and Pakistan much stronger.

“Pakistani culture is very vibrant and this joint venture of PTCL with French online streaming giant Dailymotion is another step forward in introducing the Pakistani culture to the world. This would also serve the Pakistani communities living abroad by connecting them to the content from their motherland,” he said.

PTCL has also hosted meetings with Dailymotion on different Pakistani TV channels to make people aware about this development.

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