PTCL Introduces ICFLIX – Your Own Cinema At Home

A bag of crisps-check, Cold drinks-check, favourite movie’s dvd-check, DVD player-out of order! Whoosh! all goes down the drain! Nothing can be more frustrating than a plan that didn’t work out! But hey, don’t just fret yet, there are better ways to watch your favourite movies without buying/renting DVDs! Have you heard of Netflix? PTCL has come up with something similar. It’s called PTCL icflix!

PTCL icflix

PTCL icflix

So what actually is icflix? Well guys, PTCL icflix provides you with your very own Video library, containing all your cherished movies and TV shows that you dare not miss(yeah, we know you hate tossing and turning in your bed, envisaging the new developments in your favorite soap). So, all you peeps, who can watch movies all night long should genuinely try PTCL icflix. The good part is, video streaming will still be at its best, no matter how deceptive the internet connection is.

PTCL icflix lets you enjoy movies for just Rs 500/= a month

Watch all your favourite Movies/Shows on PTCL icflix

The subscription process is a piece of cake. All you have to do is call them up at 0800-80800 and ask them to subscribe you, TaDa! you’re done. But wait, shouldn’t you be trying the services first and see if it’s what you were waiting for all along? Yes, you read right, PTCL lets you enjoy the services for free for 7 days. But don’t forget signing up through Facebook or Twitter to avail the trial period and if you don’t have Facebook or Twitter simply sign up by providing PTCL representative, your name and email-ID and they will send you your confirmation email with a validation link. So, before paying Rs.500/= a month, do try it to see if it’s worth it. (Our suggestion, make the most of that free trial period ;))

icflix runs on all the devices

Tablets, laptops, cellphones PTCL icflix is compatible with all the devices

By the way, you need to have PTCL broadband to benefit from icflix services (all the more reasons to switch to PTCL if you haven’t already). You will have the freedom to choose your medium of entertainment-the VOD service is applicable on all your mobile devices, tablets and PCs. Blink blink!! Am I in heaven or what!

enjoy movies on cellphone with icflix

enjoy movies on cellphone with icflix

If you ask us, we think you shouldn’t be wasting your hard earned money in buying DVDs, instead go grab this opportunity and plan a film night with your buddies. Icflix is what you should be doing now! Oh wait, don’t forget the chips and drinks this time! Go C Flix buddy!=)

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