Recharge – Book Hotel Rooms For Minutes.

Recharge has done it. Now people living in or traveling to San Francisco can book hotel rooms for minutes! Yes, you read it right. Now you can take a nap in some fancy hotel and pay them by the minutes.

A 10-month-old San Francisco company called Recharge has developed an app that enables users to book a stay in hotel for just for 67 cents a minute, or $40 an hour.


Source and credit: TechCrunch

This sounds both brilliant and dangerous, but Recharge has already attracted some smart investors, including Scott and Cyan Banister and early Google engineer Harry Cheung, who’ve provided the company with $650,000 in seed funding. It’s raising up to $2.5 million altogether.

It’s a smart idea for people that have a little time to themselves to freshen up, or take a nap to beat that tiredness from the day’s work or just enjoy some quiet time. Even the businesses can take advantage of this by conducting their meetings etc in hotels and paying by the minutes.

It also has some downside since you never know what purpose these rooms can be used for since they are pay by minute operated.

They have dedicated rooms for the Recharge customers. Those rooms are as luxurious as any other rooms of the hotel and provide the same luxurious commodity for as long as you want. As the customer leaves, the rooms are cleaned as per the rules for all the other rooms of the hotel. So you don’t have to worry about the cleanliness issues at all.

They don’t have surge pricing, and right now, when a customer wants to come for eight hours, they pay by the minute. Recharge does have plans to include a day rate but not right now.

You don’t live in SF but would love you use their services? Don’t worry, they do plan on expanding. They are opening up coverage, starting with the San Francisco airport and plan to go to L.A., New York, and London next.

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