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Game loot Network has launched yet another game: Round Ball Escape. Let’s find out what this game is all about!

The goal is pretty easy to understand, you have to take your ball as high as you can to beat your opponents’ (or your own) score! But it’s not that easy to take your ball higher. There are horizontal moving bars coming in from either sides to try to hit the ball. You have to save your ball from being hit or you will lose the game.

Just like all other Game Loot Network games, first thing that you see after you launch the game in your phone will be a sign up screen. If you haven’t already signed up, enter your information there to sign up for Game Loot Network account that you will be using in all the Game Loot Network games. If you have already registered, tap on “Sign in” and enter the required information!

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As with other Game Loot Network games, you can use tokens to play for exclusive gifts and Money! Tokens can be bought from within the game or you can earn them without paying real money.

After successfully signing in, you will land on the main screen of Round Ball Escape: You will see four options, Play, Leader-board, Share the game and Like the game!

Play the game and find out how easy or hard it is! You have to keep tapping the screen to push the ball upwards but have to be careful not to get hit by the horizontally moving bars! The speed increases as the game progresses, making it more challenging to play! In my opinion, Round Ball Escape is good to improve your motor skills!

How can you download it?

If you are an Android user, you can get the game HERE.

Round Ball Escape isn’t available on Apple store yet!


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