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Recently, now available on Android and iOS, had a very decent launch where the company has redranded the entire direction by stating “Agay Barho”. The new logo has been the biggest news and also the company has moved to mobile from web which was long awaited for the platform users.

We thought to give a look at the apps that are live now by

Logo: Check out the stylish logo of, ladies & so called gentlemen! (Yes, THE “e” is taken from the Internet Explorer). The new logo is stylish, completely different than the previous one which was very traditional and had its huge impact on the minds.

UI/UX: The overall design of the app is solid. Though it has some minor bugs, that can be ignored for now keeping in mind how buggy was the old system. (You should NOT ignore the brand new look of the website by the way, you are definitely going to love that!)

Like the following screen shows half cut screen from the top where the company’s information is missing. But keeping in mind the app is in initial version, let’s not blame it on the developer. Hopefully they will fix that after reading this bug report. 😉

Also mostly when the app is loading any data, it blocks the screen and quite often the data fetching is slow which makes it bit harder to navigate through the app – makes user wait on a grey screen kills the user experience!

Search and other functionality: Mainly the job search works good. And also the overall functionality works exactly keeping in mind that any user can use the app without any hassle.

Here are some screenshots from the app:


Have you used the app already? If not grab it and if yes, share your experience in the comments section below. We would love to know about how you feel about everything that has recently done.

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