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With internet nothing seems impossible, you can study online, give and take job interviews, compete with friends in games, even have online shops. Online shopping is now becoming a norm and knowing this fact, TechnoBird has initiated the venture

TechnoBird, founded in 2002, provides web hosting, application developments, print designing, domain registration and online advertising to businesses. Apart from, the company have other successful ventures some of them,include job portal), where one can buy/sell cars), and online property portal).

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Look around your room, do you find anything that you don’t need anymore but it is in good condition? If so, why let it get rusted in the corner when you can easily sell it at ! Go, post your ad free of cost. That says in order to post your ad you need to select the category of your product from the wide range of categories available. As for example you want to sell a cellphone, you will have to choose Mobile and Tablets as your main category. Then have to fill in the required details, for example what is the condition of the phone, what are its features, whether it’s new or used,what price are you offering and how/where to contact if someone wants to buy it. Thats all,you’re done!

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Not just consumer goods but you can also sell and buy services at . If you are a well qualified teacher and want to give home tuitions you too can post your ad at the website. Or if you want a car wash or repair services you can find that too on . Apart from tuitions or car repair services, you can post ads for domestic help, buy and sell beauty and fitness services, find yourself a bride or groom or even find a job. Post ad just about anything and everything.

Sell just about anything from your old rocking chair to the book you were fond of in your teenage. If you’re a creative individual and want to sell your treasured handicraft you can do so easily by simply posting an ad on for free. In short let you have a freedom to sell or buy things, by posting a simple ad, which unlike,newspaper ads, cost you nothing at all.

So now don’t wait any further, gather the stuffs that are unnecessarily occupying space and sell them at or if you need something but don’t feel like browsing the market you too can visit the website. Shouldn’t you be on the website by now!

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