You have to “Shoot Like Hell”!

Do you love to be a guy who can survive in a zombie’s land? Here we have an interesting game, Shoot Like Hell, for you that has been designed and developed by an IT services company named Aplab Solutions from Pakistan. This game will surely let you know whether you have the guts to survive this deadly battle or not!

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The game has been nicely programmed for your Android devices (so far) where you can feel the aggression right after the launch! The Jack, we will introduce this guy in a minute, is all set to kill as many zombies as possible with the help of all kinds of ordinary and extra-ordinary weapons.

As far as game flow is concerned, initially you will see a screen where you can configure sound to be on or off, whatever you feel comfortable with. We strongly recommend to play the game with some tasty music!

Shoot Like Hell - BlogoGist

The game has a leader board where you can check where you stand among other game users. This requires a  WIFI connection to load all the top scores. (Though the game is all set to be played without any Internet connection, cool! Isn’t it?)

Shoot Like Hell - BlogoGist

You (Jack!) are all good to get into the jungle as soon as you click the play button on the menu screen. You come along with a particular life time which you need to save in order to have a long life. Though you get life bonuses to increase your health but Zombies are gonna ensure that you don’t live that long!

Shoot Like Hell - BlogoGist

As you can see the heat is all up! You need to look around and hit zombies before they do! It’s highly addictive with the levels that goes progressively difficult.

You get all kind of zombies and big beasts too! Like the one just below, don’t get scared!

Shoot Like Hell - BlogoGistIt’s all blood – you need to decide if it’s yours or not! The game has placed controls quite nicely on the screen that allows you to play the game without any hassle.

As you move on and kill zombies, you can progress to the next level and the good part is you can share with your Facebook friends about your status. May be you can even challenge them to beat your score, even more interactive!

Shoot Like Hell - BlogoGist


And despite of the weapons, health bonuses and all, if you don’t do well and kill the zombies you are going to end up like this! And this is scary, isn’t it?

Shoot Like Hell - BlogoGist

Well, that’s not all but we have to end up writing about this highly addictive game with the promise that we will keep posting about more updates for the game. Don’t forget to download and play it on your Android devices today! Click here to check out the game on Google Play store.

We love this game, people love this game and still getting more positive reviews. We see a lot of potential in Pakistan in Mobile Gaming Industry and with this 2014 seems to be a great coming year.

Stay tuned for more! Don’t forget to share your feedback in the comments section below. You can also connect with us on FacebookTwitter and Google+ 24/7.

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