SMSall – Pakistan’s Largest Mobile Social Network

SMSall, previously known as Chopaal, is one of the pioneers in text based group messaging service is turning into an innovative social network on mobile, in Pakistan. The company has over 7 million users and the number includes all the main stream companies as well.

Not only this, SMSall is being now used on a national level where Prime Minister of Pakistan receives different complaints from all around the land on SMS, isn’t it amazing? SMSall is truly representing its name, now turning into a brand! From political parties to a well established business, SMSall is being used by almost everyone.

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An interesting fact by the company:

Over 6 billion SMS have been sent through our service till date. Our platform works for both feature phone users and smart phone users.


How it All Works? 

SMSall is a group text messaging service where users can send a text message to reach a group of people who can return the response as well. All through one simple SMS! Not only this but SMSall beautifully incorporates the ‘trends’ using ‘hashtags‘ where people can be a part of global discussion based on what’s trending at the moment.

SMSall Hashtags

SMSall has a corporate services side as well where companies are connecting with their customers or target audience in an interactive way. You have a business and want to reach your customers? SMSall provides you one-stop solution where you can send SMS messages to your targeted market.

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SMSall on Smartphone 

With an application size of around 15 MB, SMSall has recently launched its Android application as well which has already got attention due to its splendid and easy to use services. Click here to download the app on your smartphone.


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SMSall & Geo TV

SMSall - BlogoGist

Based on the usability factors of SMSall, Pakistan’s largest television network Geo TV is using SMSall for all its main stream services! SMSall has been seen on Geo TV everywhere now and this is really getting the next big thing. Seeing the collaboration of the biggest media channel with the fastest growing SMS services company, it will open infinite possibilities in the communication sector of Pakistan.

Interested in seeing the SMSall advertisement on Geo TV? from your phone and you will see something like this:


SMSall is so unique in its features as compared to a typical SMS application like WhatsApp, Viber, etc. It’s mainly because of the features SMSall is offering which makes it a real mobile social network! And last but not the least, we wish to see this Pakistani startup a billion dollar company, soon!

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