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The Dosti Partnership is the product of a cross-border partnership between the Atlantic Council (USA), the Indian Angel Network (India) and SEED Ventures (London, Karachi). The partnership is a great initiative that promotes collaboration and trust in the business community, providing opportunities for cross-border investment, and supporting youth entrepreneurship.


About the Company

The company is organizing a startup competition event and accepting challenging and inspiring ideas from all around the land. Top 20 teams are likely to be featured in the Startup Dosti TV Series. Along with this, teams will get an opportunity to win seed funding and free incubation. It seems there is going to be an amazing time coming up for the start-ups based in Pakistan and India as opportunities like these were not there just a few months ago.

The company’s official mission statement is interesting that shows determination towards the economical growth within the region:

To promote positive bilateral business relations between India, Pakistan, and the global South Asian Diaspora and foster cross-border collaboration in the entrepreneurial and startup space.

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About the Teams

Participants will be able to enjoy high quality webinars, mentoring sessions with world renowned aspiring people and much more. It seems a start-up that is seriously involved in the business will get a great deal of assistance here that will definitely help to grow.

Start-ups would be lucky to have mentors like Khusro Ansari (CEO – Gizelle Communication), Farhad Karamally (OD Consultant And Director, Navitus (Pvt) Ltd.), Mehreen Shoaib (CEO – Stimulus), Pearl Uppal (Founder – 5ideas Inc. Internet Startup & Growth Specialist) and many more from India as well as from Pakistan. More details can be found here.


When and How?

Right now you can be a part of this initiative if you have the guts! The deadline to avail this opportunity is November 30, 2013 as of this writing. But be sure that this is NOT a competition for business ideas – you must have an actual start-up business in order to be eligible. To apply, you need to complete the application form and submit, this can be found from the official website.

The competition will get all the young entrepreneurs from both the countries in Thailand for the finale in late 2013, and again possibly in Washington, DC in 2014.

The final round of the competition will feature business plan pitches to a panel of experienced investors from both countries and the diaspora. All this will be recorded and the TV program will go live in 2014.

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Technology, Start-ups and Economy

Well, 2013 is certainly an amazing year for start-ups and coming years have a great potential coming up. The technology all around is evolving with a pace one could not even imagine. And now this is the time for Asia to grow in the world’s economy with the help of these kind of initiatives.


Here is the official website for more details:


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