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We have got an interesting app for review from the company called DevTuts. The company recently launched its first Android app with the name “Stay Safe”. The app is an emergency service app which sends drafted message with your current location to your preferred recipients with just a tap of a button. Great idea for the persons who are paranoid or in serious need, in case of emergency situation. The graphics are done by well known facebook personality Shahzaib Hussain known for his page Shahzaib Hussain ART.

BlogoGist did an exclusive interview with Ahmad Shahwaiz, the Founder of DevTuts.


Q. Tell us something about your product?

“Stay Safe” is a Security Application in which you just have to ‘TAP’ a button to send a custom message to your guardians. With your custom message your location will also be sent to all your listed guardians. This app is very useful in critical and useful situation.
God forbid if you get in a situation where you don’t have enough time to respond then you can use this app in this situation as you just have to tap and your already written custom message with the current location will be sent to your guardians at once.

StaySafe - Android App

StaySafe – Android App


Q. How does it work and some key pointers for the users?

It is fairly simple and easy to use applicaiton.

Step 1) Write a custom Message and Update it.

StaySafe - Step1

StaySafe – Add Custom Message

Step 2) Add trusted members in the list so that when in case of any emergency situation they can appear up to your location and help you.

StaySafe - Add recipients of the Message

StaySafe – Add recipients of the Message

Step 3) Just click the Big Red Button from the Main Screen, following things will be sent to your guardian members at once!
a) Custom Message.
b) Your Current Location.

P.S You can even choose your Color theme.


Q. What is your target audience with such an app?

Target audience is 16+ age people who can operate this application. It covers all the ages because it is very simple you just have to tap a single button to get help from your trusted persons. It is that simple, you don’t even have to remember your contact numbers as it provides a list of your contacts while you type.


Q. Who came up with this idea? How and from where did you get inspiration?

We came up with this idea, actually we were a bit disturbed from an incident which took over a while ago with some one I know. We tried to solve this problem so that people can benefit from it and avoid such incidents. Now from this app you can send your location instantly to your trusted members and get their response ASAP!

Multiple Uses of this Application:

  1. You can use it in any emergency situation for example in Market when you think you are in danger, rightaway send your location to your guardians.
  2. When you need some kind of info right away, add your friends in the list and ask them for the info and someone will send it right away!
  3. Incase you need Blood, add people with the same blood group you need and it will give your location to them and they will tell if they can donate or not.
  4. If you have gone to any trip with your buddies, let your family members know your location each time.


  1. Secure Application.
  2. Doesn’t Store any data in the server. So you have full privacy.
  3. No internet access makes it less dependable to situations, with the help of GPS it sends your location with your GSM Network.


Q. When was this initiated?

Well, the development was initiated by November 17 and we were able to make it live by November 20, 2013.


Q. What are the initial problems you faced to make this happen?

One word “Graphics!” I was lacking good graphics in this application, but then I contacted Shahzaib Hussain through his facebook page. He is an excellent graphic designer graduated from FAST, he immediately offered his services for free due to this inspiring idea which could help many.


Q. How big is your team? Tell us something interesting about how you work and stuff like that.

We are only a team of two people, 1 for graphics and 1 for backend programming. We are still lacking another person who is purely related to social marketing. First of all we make architecture of the app and then decide which theme, layout and other graphics stuff we should choose. 


Q. What are your future plans? How do you see your product/start-up after 5 years?

Our future plans are to create applications which can serve people, those applications which a normal person can get advantage in real life. Our aim is to help everyone with these latest technologies, otherwise what is the purpose of technology if you can’t give comfort or help to a normal person. We have high hopes for our product because it has a good purpose and helps a person in emergency without much of a hassle.


Q. Have a few words about BlogoGist.

BlogoGist is an excellent platform where you can get all kind of information about startups, enterprenuers, latest news, technology trends and other application reviews. We wish them good luck in their future! :)


Q. Official product/company’s URL?

Company: DevTuts
Google Play: Google Play Store Link!!


So try it out and download the app for free from the: Google Play Store

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