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Have you ever felt rattled by the awful time it takes to make new dresses even of you have the fabric and all the stuff? Or by the immense amount of confusion that fills your mind when selecting designs for your dress? Or by the consecutive delays that the tailor makes in finally finishing your dress? Well, it would be a breath of relief if I told you that the solution to this is finally here. Yes, the pretty ingenious TAILOR ON WHEELS service.For the first time, a complete solution to your styling with the convenience of getting your tailoring services right on your door step.


we take pride in serving you

This sounds like a pretty appealing opportunity specially for the women who are always worried about wardrobe issues. This amazing service not just comes with the ease of convenience but also with an added benefit of cost effectiveness as the tailoring specialist will suggest you in this matter.

What Tailor on wheels offers is that you simply call on their hot line 0334-7824567 and their specialist will be right on your door step. They will serve you in a very systematic way, by first taking your measurements professionally, then understanding the design and your fabric you wish to get tailored. Also, alternatively you can choose from the variety of add-ons already available in our catalogue.

Yes, we promise quality

Yes, we promise

Tailor on wheels comes with another promise of ensuring the delivery of your clothes right on time without any delay and hassle. This service, if they perform as they promise and continue with their best quality of work is predicted to exponentially revolutionize the market of tailoring. From housewives who work all day at home to working women who do not have time to manage their wardrobe all of them will be benefited by this service.

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Currently the service is available in few areas but soon the aim to cover many cities with this service. Their high quality of work and their time delivery can be very well reckoned by their motto :

“You bring the fabric
We make the Magic”

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