TEDx LUMS – Event to be Remembered

Whattttttt an event! Personalities like Jehangir Khan Tareen, Hassan Sheheryar Yasin, Kalsoom Lakhani and others inspired the audience big time! The spirits were high, the atmosphere was too refreshing, things were well managed and the event went right in time – isn’t it an ideal day at TEDx LUMS? It is!

Let’s take a look at the overall event where BlogoGist team spent full day with the awesome management team! Registrations for the  event started right in time and were very organized. Participants were way too excited cause they had reasons! 😉

After the registration process, participants had their seats with open WiFi access to the audience, that was the coolest thing! Live tweets were welcomed and were shown live during the event to the public that made the event even more crazy. With a short delay, event kicked off where Sohaib and Hamza from Nescafe Basement performed live that mesmerized the place.


Hear Hetain Patel’s talk was shown right after this performance. After this talk, first speaker goes on the stage – the one and only Kalsoom Lakhani who spoke on social entrepreneurship! She turned the hearts with an amazing story!


Next was Anila Daulatzai who went really well on the effects of war on widows in Afghanistan. It was no doubt a touching topic and the one that’s always overlooked! She did great in bringing the attention to the subject.

“War is portrayed as an act of care”- Anila Daultzai


After the performance, the entertainment sequence was continued by a tremendous performance on the Evolution of Dance by Wahaaj and Abdullah! Appreciated by all! It was the time to have a networking break which was over by 14:15.


Right after the break, it was Maryam Wasif who spoke on dramas of today and dramas of the past! It had different thought provoking insights into it.


Huh! Then here we had “Wadera” on stage! Ali Gul Pir took off and talked about overcoming fears. He also sang Waderay ka Beta, which was an awesome fun! He went off saying “Sayeen toh sayeen, TED bhi sayeen” 😀

“People in power can do whatever, they can get new hair”- Ali Gul Pir


OK, now we had the fashion icon, the one and only HSY. His speech was REALLY inspiring on “Impossible is nothing”!

10262151_371374356333827_5737612721854084988_n (1)



And then, the entertainment. A tribute by couple of guys to the TEDx LUMS management team, well deserved and a great performance.


And then we had Mr. Tareen, who really spoke by heart. His speech touched the hearts of many! According to him the basic problem of our country is our inability to provide social services for the people of Pakistan.

“Complete disconnect between the elite and the poor”- Jahangir Tareen

After the speech, we had the last performers, Forman Symphonic Strings, on the stage. They performed the title track of Games of Thrones, exciting, isn’t it? Hell, yeah! 😉

Well, it was all – a hell of excitement, inspiration, motivation and lot more fun! Ladies and Gentlemen, this was TEDx LUMS covered live by the BlogoGist team. Stay connected for more videos and photos!

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*Photos Courtesy: TEDx LUMS

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