TextSecure End-to-End Ecrypted Messaging App

With revelations of NSA Spying and some other agencies , People think they aren’t secure now and don’t have privacy. People who care about there SMS or Texting privacy , They should use ‘TextSecure‘ . It is a free android messaging application which can be easily download from PlayStore. It’s easy to use and designed for privacy, TextSecure provides end-to-end encryption for privacy and security issues. All messages which are sent or received are kept in encrypted database.

While creating an account with TextSecure, you will be asked to create a password, used to encrypt all secret information, and users are recommended to select a strong password here, but keep in mind that a lost password cannot be recovered.

Android Users can download this app by Google Play Store and iOS users have to wait as this app will be on all platforms in few months which wil release iOS version and browser Add-ons.



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