Thieves Planted Malware to Hack ATM’s

Recently thieves hacked the ATMs, infact the thieves used a specialised device to plant malware physically in the cash machine. Authorities in Chinese territory of Macau , announced last week that they arrested two Ukrainians for stealing over $100,000 from seven ATMs.

Two men arrested in Macau for allegedly planting malware in the local ATMs

Two men arrested in Macau for allegedly planting malware on local ATMs

The local police explained that the men inserted a device, which was connected with small laptop, in the card acceptance slots in the ATMs. The authorities said that the men were able to install malware into the ATMs which allowed them to hack customers’ card data and PIN. The device is like a circuit board which is four to five times bigger than the size of an ATM card.

Device when inserted, crashed the operating system of the ATM machine as a result, the screen went blank. Then after taking the device out it restarted and then logged every customers’ card data who used the machine.

According to the investigators, the thieves returned after some days to collect the stolen data of the customers cards They had a specialized chip which they would insert to copy the logged customers’ card data, after that they used other specialised chip to  remove the evidence of the malware so that no one could know that the malware existed on the machine. In the previous stories the thieves were able to connect ATM with a laptop using a USB port somewhere in ATM machine but this time it was totally different.

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