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The rate of unemployment in Pakistan is escalating at an alarming rate. Most of the graduates either give up on their dreams or end up doing what they didn’t even study for. They are raised to believe that if they manage to maintain a higher GPA , they will get a lucrative job and live the life of their dreams but reality is quite contrary to the common belief. Keeping this in mind, what options are then available to them? No doubt, Education is vital and young people should get trained in different disciplines but what should they do if their education did not prove to be as fruitful as they were expecting it to be. Is there a way to JumpStart their career?

JumpStart Pakistan

JumpStart Pakistan

As a solution to unemployment, young people have started pursuing entrepreneurship. While the concept is favourable but should one become an entrepreneur out of desperation or out of passion? Will they have courage to face tough times in their businesses or will they call it quits because that is not what they wanted as a career? These are some of the questions that can come to their minds when initiating their entrepreneurial pursuits. These types of questions can be answered at JumpStart Pakistan.

Make the ideas reality with JumpStart Pakistan

Your ideas need a JumpStart

Entrepreneurship can be a solution to unemployment in Pakistan but everyone who wants to take that route should make sure that they are fully equipped. There is a huge need of innovative young people in areas like social enterprises, agriculture and farming based businesses, technology and energy related businesses, just to name a few. If they find themselves in a situation whereby they have done whatever it takes to find a suitable job but to no avail, they can just look for a need in their community that they can fulfil and make a business out of it. If done rightly, being your own boss and running your own business can be more rewarding than working as an employee. So instead of blaming the government for unemployment young people can just go out there and find solutions for themselves and their peers. But before starting, they must gather all the significant information needed to start a business.

Take responsibility of Pakistan.Lets JumpStart it together.

Ready to give Pakistan a JumpStart?

The result of this would be numerous successful businesses providing employment and in the long run decreasing the rate of unemployment in Pakistan. Pakistan is mostly dependent on natural resources. Right measures and focused individuals with the willingness to give their best can produce sustainable businesses which can contribute massively to the economy. Undoubtedly Pakistan owns brilliant young minds with tonnes of innovative ideas. But they need to be empowered and encouraged to show off their ideas to the world. Unemployment is a serious issue but it can be answered through Entrepreneurship.

Its time to let the world know you're the innovator at JumpStart Pakistan

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Let the youth JumpStart Pakistan through Entrepreneurship! JumpStart Pakistan is promoting entrepreneurship among youngsters. It has proven that entrepreneurship directly affects the economical situation of the country. Through JumpStart Pakistan, youngsters can bring the desired change in the country. Promoting Innovation is the only way out, entrepreneurs who are willing to take risk by working on their ideas and creating further opportunities for the people around them will be the real heroes of this country.

The major hurdle faced by entrepreneurs in Pakistan is finding the seed money. This hurdle can be overcome by JumpStart Pakistan. It is providing the platform for the new entrepreneurs to come and pitch their idea in front of existing and experienced CEOs, who will invest in exchange of equity in their startups. Fair Deal !! The CEOs will drive the new startup in it’s early days and will train the Co-founder(s) until they are ready to take hold of their own business.

 The Shepherd's Event of JumpStart Pakistan

Prepare yourself for the Shepherd’s Event of JumpStart Pakistan

JumpStart Pakistan #Shepherd’s PIE is an event where young entrepreneurs can put forth their ideas to experienced CEOs. The CEOs will choose the most promising ideas which can be financed.The aim of JumpStart is to create and improve the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Pakistan.

With this model, JumpStart Pakistan is planning to launch 1500 plus startups in next 5 years. In near future, InshaAllah, JumpStart Pakistan will organize the Shepherd’sPIE event in Islamabad. If you believe your idea can make a difference, stay tuned with JumpStart Pakistan and be prepared to do your share of duty for Pakistan.

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