Top 4 Graphic Design Software

There are many graphic design software available in the market but we are going to introduce only the best ones with their prices and tutorials to get you along and upgrade your skills from noble MS Paint to ‘real’ graphic design tools.

Adobe PhotoshopAdobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is regarded as the best graphic design software. It has got tons of awesome features and effects that can make your designs visually appealing and awesome. It is not only used for designing, but also for photo-manipulation, photo enhancement and painting. Regarding the price, the latest version (cs6) costs around $600

For more info, please visit: Adobe Photoshop

Adobe IllustratorAdobe Illustrator

Adobe illustrator is unique in itself because it is based on vector graphics. Vectors are better in the sense that you can scale them to any size you want, without any disruption in the design. We can draw all you want in any size and then scale it according to your need. No more distorted pixels ! You can get the latest version (cs6) for about $560

For more info, please visit: Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesignAdobe InDesign

Most of the time, Adobe InDesign is not the software of choice for graphic design, but when it comes to a print project having multiple pages and layouts, there is no other better software out there to help you than Adobe InDesign. Editorial, book or brochure design, whatever it is, Adobe InDesign is the software you should go for. The latest version is cs6, which will cost you about $660

For more info, you can visit: Adobe InDesign


Another very important graphic design software is CorelDraw, which is used to draw vectors and for all kinds of layouts. It is limited in its functionality but when combined with other software, you get excellent results. The latest version X6 costs around $460

For more info, please visit CorelDraw


If you are enthusiastic about learning any of these software, here are beginner video tutorials links from the famous


Well, there you go ! I have explained the most widely used graphic design software, keeping it as simple as possible. Which is the best? Which one should you use? Well, it all depends on your budget, graphic requirements and the ability to understand the software. The choice is yours !

Have you used any of these software before? If yes, we would love to hear your opinion about it, use the comment section below.

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  1. Zia Anjum

    Uncle…. Adobe CS6 (Creative Suite 6) Ab Purana Ho Chuka Hai…. 😛
    Latest Versions Are Adobe CC (Creative Cloud) 8)

    • Thanks for your input.

      You are right that Adobe CC is the latest software and it is subscription only whereas CS6 is on perpetual license. We recommended on the basis of perpetual fee.

      For more information keep checking our Blog :)

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