Tor Releasing Anonymous Instant Messenger

The developers behind anonymous browsing utility Tor is planning to release an Instant Messenger which will keep you secure and anonymous while you chat and exchange messages with others. it would be a secure and powerful communication tool.

At its core, it’s a browsing technology that helps to prevent websites and other users from tracking your identity or location. The software has been thrust into the spotlight in the wake of various revelations about how the NSA and other spy agencies monitoring Internet traffic.

As we all know, for money and other so called security reasons, every big social sites like Facebook , Twitter , Hotmail , Skype etc. do sell or trade our private information and data to NSA and as a result helps NSA monitors our activities all the time. There is no such thing as privacy left on the internet as almost every big website is selling our data to NSA and even our IP-Addresses are leaked for it , Tor is planning to make a Anonymous Instant Messenger like Yahoo Messenger and Skype but it would keep you secure and anonymous on internet without worrying about your privacy breaches and eavesdropping attempts.

Tor Project

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