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I got something different today, a game. Not just any game, a trivial game. Trivia Loot allows you to enhance your knowledge by competing against different players around the globe. It gives you multiple choice questions and you have to choose the right answer. Once you choose the correct answer, you get points and who ever gets the highest points, wins!

You can play the game against a random opponent from around the world or you can challenge a friend. Best thing about Trivia Loot is the ability to choose your favorite category! Yep, you can choose a category you are already good at and start playing right away! Another good thing about Trivia Loot is that you can earn real cash by playing it!

The game also offers leader-boards and tournaments to make it more challenging and fun filled! You need to buy tokens if you want to participate in the tournaments or want to earn real cash. You can buy them from within Trivia Loot as well. Interface is nice and the game play is quite easy to understand. Or you can always play for free and improve your rankings on the leader-board!

Trivia Loot – Game Play:

Like i said, the interface is pretty easy to understand. Check out some screenshots to see how the game works. One thing though, you will need to register first to play Trivia Loot. Once you register, you can use that login information of other games provided by Game Loot Network as well.
Screenshot_2015-08-29-15-40-28-576x1024 Screenshot_2015-08-29-15-40-35-576x1024 Screenshot_2015-08-29-16-11-56-576x1024 Screenshot_2015-08-29-16-12-23-576x1024 Screenshot_2015-08-29-16-12-41-576x1024 Screenshot_2015-08-29-16-12-54-576x1024 Screenshot_2015-08-29-16-13-43-576x1024 Screenshot_2015-08-29-16-15-16-576x1024


You can buy tokens from the main game screen if you want to participate in exclusive competitions where you can compete against token players and win exclusive rewards on Game Loot Rewards website!

Where can you Download it?

If you are an Android user, you can get the game HERE.

iOS users can get the game HERE.

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