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Recently , Twitter the popular Social media site launched a new feature “FirstTweet” on Its birthday which tells you the first tweet of any Twitter user or Personality. To use this feature, you need to provide the username of the person and it displays its first-tweet. Feeling excited? Try it yourself, FirstTweet Feature.

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We’ve gathered a list of First Tweets of different personalities from Pakistan who are working hard and breaking boundaries in the amazing world of technology.

First is Mariam Umar :

Next is Ali Rehan :

Well, First Tweet of Ali Rehan was not there as he Re-tweeted a tweet of  Adil Najam.

Next is Badar Khushnood :

Next is Salim Ghauri :

Next is Zafar ul Islam :

Next is Muhammad Raza Saeed :

Next is Jehan Ara :

Next is Nabeel A.Qadir :

Next is Sajjad Kimrani :

Next is Zia Imran :

Next is Waqas Ali :

Next is Farhan Masood :

Next is Salma Jafri :

Next is Kalsoom Lakhani :

Next is Yasser Bashir :

Next is Mohsin Afzal :

Next is Babar Iqbal :

Next is Monis Rehman :

Next is Faisal Khan :

Next is Saad Hamid :

Next is Khurram Zafar :

At last It’s Umar Saif :


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