Two Pakistani Startups makes it to Blackbox Connect Spring 2014

Whoa ! Blackbox is back with its Spring 2014 batch intake and guess who makes it to the final 8 this time around, no wait! not 8 this time there will be 16 teams in this batch.
Blackbox is growing with its popularity and its intake as well.


What is Blackbox?

Blackbox Connect is a 2-week immersion program by Google that gives opportunity to non-US startups founders to visit Silicon Valley and collaborate with like-minded people while staying at the Blackbox Mansion. Google Entrepreneurs sponsors this two-week session every year and choose selective entrepreneurs from around the world.

Brief History of Pakistani Startups

The good news is that Pakistan had and still shining in this event. Three out of 14 participant from 5th class that was being held July 2013 were Pakistanis, Ali Rehan, Murtaza Taj and Salman Ul Haq. Ali and Murtaza represented Eyedeus that is being famous from their app Groopic by Eyedeus Labs.  This app contained a unique idea of taking group photos and including the photographer itself. Quite a creative idea isn’t it? Salman represented Tunacode the company that develops accelerated computing solutions using Graphics Processing Units. They are specialized in developing high performance video/image processing applications. Here is the complete list of graduates availing the blackbox program.

Blackbox Growing Big

The Blackbox journey will accelerate faster in 2014 because for the first time it will be held twice, that will Include Twice as Many Companies and Female Founders for Spring 2014 program.

Blackbox MoU with Plan9

Pakistani Entrepreneurs have a bright opportunities ahead as well because Mr. Fadi Bishara the founder of Blackbox connect program signed an MOU with plan9 a few months back that it will include at least two startups from Pakistan in each class/year. So its now up to the talented entrepreneurs to  avail the opportunity to outshine at international level.

So which 2 made it to the list this time, *drum roll* the fantastic SMSall and the exciting Vivid (a.k.a The Appography).

1. SMSall

Idrees Butt making his team proud again with yet another milestone under the supervision of the genius and immensely talented Umar Saif, SMSall making it big.
SMSall (previously known as chopaal) is messaging app for like minded people as they say. Growing strong with their android app launch with thousands of downloads since launch.
Android App Link: Download here


2. Vivid


Upcoming Vivid, developed by The Appography an incubate of plan9, it is an app dedicated to minimize the pain of customers queued up for their turn to get on-call assistance.It transforms the traditional audio only IVR (interactive voice response) 
into an engaging visual and touch experience, reducing useless information consumption and also minimizing the queue traffic.

Appography was the first Pakistani startup to receive seed funding from UK investors, they secured Rs. 30 million from UK investors.

BlogoGist team wish them good luck for the program and hopes for more startups making their way to mentoring events like blackbox connect.

Video on Blackbox Connect Program Experience


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