Uber Gets First Bad Review in Pakistan – Oops

Looks like some of the Uber users are not happy with the service Uber is providing. We have seen one such review from an angry Uber customer.

Faizan Aslam, the founder of Bookme, wasn’t really happy with his Second Uber ride and had the following to say:

Worst experience. Driver was not trained. Two people were sitting in the car. They had no idea how to use the Uber app. How can you say you have trained them. They don’t even know how to use your app? If you work like that, you will be out of here soon! Pathetic driving skills. I almost got hit twice.


He even went on to call Uber a Scam. Wowza!

Oh, just to add one more thing here: Uber scams you by showing a default rating of 5 stars. Both of their drivers were on their first rides and both were shown as Five Star drivers! SCAM SCAM SCAM!


Woah Faizan! Let’s not jump the gun and call the taxi giant a scam. They operate all around the world.

Don’t lose heart Uber, We have positive review as well. According to Usman Qazi, Uber is cheaper than Careem!

Let’s see how it goes. Good luck Uber!

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  1. Not to forget, the in-app customer support is pretty good as well. I launched a complain regarding my first ride that I had to pay for it and a Uber CR contacted me within about 2 hours and instantly credited the amount to my Uber account.

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