UET Official Website Hacked!

And that’s what you can expect from a well known engineering university in Pakistan! Guess what? Today it has been seen that the official website of University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Lahore has been hacked by ‘someone’ (Former student!) and the management has yet not responded back to this attack.

Take a look:



Another one:



Now is the time universities should start thinking to improve their IT infrastructure in order to avoid such attacks. This is important not only in Pakistan but also in other regions of the world. Universities like UET produces a lot of talented students who represent Pakistan on an international platform and with this, it should be the top priority to keep the website not only up-to-date but also keep it secure from all possible attacks. But whatever it is, if you have read the updated BIO, you would have a clear idea of how students make fun of their teachers!

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