Warid Goes Public with Its 4G LTE Deployment Plans

So everyone was excited to know what actually Warid is doing? Isn’t it so? Well, So Warid went public with it’s 4g LTE deployment plans. That’s a BIG surprise, Isn’t it?

Warid Telecom today went with its press ads (as shown below) about its 4G LTE deployment plans, To possibly become the first telecom operator to deploy 4G LTE network in Pakistan.


Warid Telecom today went with its press ads about its 4G LTE deployment plans


The ad shows that now Warid has done its work and now its ready to go up with its 4G plans. Waird did not participated in 3G/4G Auctions but Warid decided to come up with 4G LTE network with its available spectrum that it had bought in 2004.

While there were some hints that Pakistan Telecommunication Authority would not allow Warid to deploy 4G LTE networks in Pakistan but these ads indicates that their is a settlement between Warid and PTA, Its not an official confirmation from Pakistan Telecommunication.

We know that Warid’s CEO had to meet Chairman PTA within this week but it seems that they’ve convinced PTA for allowing them to deploy 4G LTE network in Pakistan.

If Pakistan Telecommunication Authority have allowed Waird for its deployment of 4G LTE network then Warid is aiming to run 4G LTE test around five cities within the last week of May,2014.

Warid have 8.8Mhz spectrum from 1800Mhz band in addition to 5Mhz in 900Mhz band which it bought in 2004 and Warid have around 12 million subscribers.

As already announced, Zong may launch 4G network within some months but this announcement by Warid might bring some changes to the plan, Lets See!

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