Warid Launches ‘Bus Timings’ Android App

Have you ever needed an app which tells inter-city bus timings? If you’re planning a journey to travel through various cities of Pakistan you might need to know the the nearest bus stops? the timings of the buses? If you’re looking for these then try the recently launched app by Warid  ‘Bus Timings’ which keeps you updated with the nearest bus stops and the timings of the buses which helps you tot ravel to various cities of Pakistan.

Lets explore this app with the screenshot provided.



First of all we need an internet connection to use this app , To know the nearest bus stops we need to select a city e.g Karachi , Lahore or Islamabad etc.


For example we choose Karachi as our city to find the nearest bus stops and their timings so after choosing It shows different companies of buses , their routes , Phone numbers and Schedule.

Then after choosing the “Schedule” option from the same screen will take the user to a screen in which it will ask user for the desired destination and as well as the day when the user wants to travel to that city as shown screenshot below.


After searching the query as the details we provided , it will show us timings and all the scheduled departures as well as the arrival timings as shown below.

image8    image9

As we can see, three different departures were scheduled on 2013/12/27.

So what are you waiting for. Download the app from the playstore: Warid Bus Timings App

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