Why You Should NOT Use Facebook on Mobile

Do you feel that your mobile drains the battery too much? Have you tried all kind of measures that can save some battery life while you are away from your charger? Well, that was the exact issue we faced on mobile while we observed the Facebook app on mobile for a few weeks. Some interesting stats we collected from iPhone recently. 

 Above stats show last 24 hours and 7 days usage. Both stats show the usage is around 50%, that’s insane!

Facebook is an addiction, a need of today’s era for some. Either case, it is your priority whether you are looking to save your battery life or still stick to your social life on mobile. 
Facebook as a very responsive website as well that you can use on mobile and it will not let you drain your mobile’s battery. 

Let us know your exeprience with Facebook app in the comments section below. Would love to know how it is behaving all around the world!

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