Will.I.Am Reveals Smart Watch Project

William Adams, known by his stage name as will.i.am, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, voice actor, actor, DJ, record producer, and philanthropist.

During a recent appearance on UK talk show Alan Carr: Chatty Man, musician Will.i.am revealed his latest project which is basically a smart watch but that can do much more than a “smart” watch! In his interview he says his smart watch is a phone with lot more features like music and his device can also support Facebook, Twitter, etc. He funded this company on his own and now planning to launch the device in July but the dates are not yet final.


As of yet, he didn’t reveal what kind of platform his smart watch has but it’s amazing how bravely he has come up with this idea when there is already a big competition between companies like Sony, Samsung, etc. Is it really a future? Having a smart watch and having no phone while your smart watch acts as a phone itself? Seems like everyone will be a detective this way. 😀

Check out the demo video and see the future.

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