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Always had trouble finding out what the real problem was with your car? Do you wish your car would speak to you and tell you the problems itself? Would you like it to tell you what maintenance checks it needs to function properly or what parts need to be replaced? Well, it’s all possible with XGear.

Drive Smarter

Drive Smarter

XGear is a product of Pakistan’s start-up “One Step Solutions” that has come up with a solution: A device that can communicate with your car. This small device plugs into your car, collects the data, processes it and translates it into human language.

Established in 2007 and with Ahmed Khalid as CEO, One Step Solutions comprises of a small team trying to change the world, they believe a few great people can make a big difference. They strive to hire the very best people who are passionate, thoughtful and creative. One Step Solutions is “Plan9 alumni” and currently a PlanX company that has a clear vision of using technology to make lives simpler, its their innovative culture that enables them to develop some remarkable products to make a dent in the universe.


XGear opens countless possibilities for better driving, fuel efficiency and maintenance. XGear is ideal for consumers and fleet managers to regain control over their vehicles. XGear believes you should have complete access to your vehicles data enabling your vehicle to communicate with you to deliver information only your mechanic knows.

XGear features

XGear features

Features Description

XGear Features Description

How can it be Installed and what cars support it?

XGear’s vehicles data port can be found underneath the drivers dashboard, simply plug the device in and you are good to go, every vehicle manufactured after 1996 has one !!

Installation Port

Installation Port

 The port XGear adapter uses the existing On-board Diagnostics Port (OBD Port) to get actual engine data and it is then passed on to a predictive modeling engine where useful information is carefully extracted and passed over to a processing engine to give personalized recommendations based on your needs making it user friendly. The device works with every model and make of the car available in market and all the current protocols.

XGear scans the vehicle to retrieve valuable information, including faulty codes and prognostic data. It helps the owner in keeping their vehicle in perfect condition.
Its accurate driver profiling algorithm uses the actual data from engine sensors, it has unique algorithms that process raw 3D data collected from the engine.


The main focus is to build the Android and iOS applications so that users can easily download and access the information and plan accordingly. Even though XGear is not the first product to offer access to OBD Port data to your PC or Laptop, but it appears to offer a more accurate set of features that are missing in the existing products.

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